Connection book cover

Oil on panel.
I was commissioned to make the cover for a science article, about a certain kind of dementia. It was a great job. Both challenging and it felt good to paint something for an article that's about helping people. Usually when i get jobs like this the client can have an idea about what they want, but this time she had many ideas and came prepared to the meeting with a bunch of reference photos and other paintings she liked. It was great! We talked about the things she brought with her and i then got to sketch ideas (during the meeting) of how to put all of these ideas together. I love when clients have many ideas and i get to put them all together. It's like directing a movie.

Anyway i then went home and made a final sketch that the client then approved, and i started painting. In this case i started with the heart and then worked my way up to where it meets the brain. Then i went in and painted the dark colours behind the brain to later paint the bright blue lines on top. When i had the blue lines that shows the brain i painted the abstract background, and spent the rest of the time going back to the heart and brain to push details and contrast and then back to the background to find the right balance.

And here is the cover on the book. The cover is a wrap around as well.

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