Oil on canvas. The reference photo for this one actually had green leaves all over behind the cat. I was going to go that direction (to keep the feeling of a warm summer day) but the cat started to disappear in all the green. So i decided to go with a more abstract background. I like how it turned out because i could play with the edges on the wood the cat is sitting on and blend it a little into the background. I had a lot of fun with the lower right part of the wood (above my signature). Also with the blue background the orange of the cat stands out, and because of that i still think it looks like warm light hitting the cat, which is something i wanted. The hardest part about this painting was actually to decide how i wanted the abstract shapes in the background to be. Too hard edges and contrast demand attention away from the cat, but edges that are too soft and with nothing happening kind of leaves the viewer with no  place to go. But i'm happy with how it turned out and i hope you like it.

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