Snow Walk gouache painting

I've been getting back to gouache. I haven't sketched or painted in guache since last year because of Ellna, so now i wanted to start again. And it felt great. It's easy to use and quick. The only really challenging thing about guache is the fact that it dries lighter than it looks when it's wet. This makes dark values really hard to get right. I have to try to guess the value it's going to end up being when i place the brush stroke. But it's still a lot of fun.

This is the view from behind my girlfriends parents house. This is the path she walked to school every morning as a kid. I really liked how the light from the streetlight hit the hedge behind it and how the red color of the light is strongest where light meets shadow on the snow.

I used a limited pallet with ultramarine blue, yellow ochre, red cadmium and white. It's painted in a water color sketch book.

a winter walk during night. a streetlight shines red over snow. an adam stolterman painting

adam stolterman sketchbook sketch painting snow walk guache watercolor moleskine

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