Treelight gouache painting

Another small gouache painting. I bought a bunch of small watercolour papers so that i didn't have to keep painting over old sketches and stuff in my sketch book.
I was driving past the local church (which is right next to the small chapel in my last gouache painting) and saw the light from this street light hitting the tree behind the snow. I really liked it, so i stopped and took a photo. I also like how lanterns and other light sources are hitting things in the background and it's hard to really make out what they are. It's really fun to paint things disappearing in the dark with gouache, even thought it's always difficult to keep track of the values with gouache. I was thinking that i could keep going with this one to get it to more of a finish but i decided to keep it loose.
I used black, white, yellow ochre, cad red and both cerulean blue and ultramarine blue.
It's 15 x 21 cm (6 x 8 inches) on watercolour paper.

Painting in gouache. A winter streetlight shines on a tree and snow on the ground.  By Adam Stolterman

Gouache painting of a streetlight shining on a tree and snow on the ground. adam stolterman

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