"A corner" watercolour painting

When I was traveling to visit my girlfriends family I was looking at the nature around me and I especially liked how the melting snow created a sharp line through the environment. Wherever the snow was melting away, there remaining patches of snow reminded me of how it looks if I just lasso a part of a picture in photoshop and cut it out. It's so graphic looking. No real soft transitions, just a big white empty space cut out from the surroundings. So I started taking a bunch of photos to have as inspirations for paintings and one of them was of this old barn that gave me the feeling that it had been put away in "a corner" of the surrounding forest.  Even thought the effect I mentioned above is not that noticeable in this one, I still enjoyed playing with the texture of the ground showing up under the melting snow.

This was also an experiment for me because it was a lot about trying to describe a lot of information without getting lost in the process. I wanted to simplify but not too much.

watercolour painting of barn in melting snow during spring in Sweden by Adam Stolterman

Watercolour on 300g rough grain watercolour paper. 41 x 31cm

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